Living in the mountains of Cerro Verde Boquete

Spectaculair mountain views from a lot in Cerro Verde Boquete

By | April 3, 2013

When I first visited the onion field, high above Boquete, it was a sunny and beautiful afternoon. The birds were singing and the clouds were hunkering down around the shoulders of Jaramillo mountain. I thought what a wonderful place to live, surrounded y coffee plantations, onions, peppers, and tomatoes all over the place as far as the eye could see. I was drawn to the rural setting, just a short drive from Boquete town on a good paved road. The fact that there had never been electricity this far up and that we would have to build a kilometer or so of poles and wire didn’t seem daunting and as a matter of fact it was a new challenge to be met head on.

I had brought Jim, an older and wiser republican, and one of the founders of the real estate business back on Cape Cod where I grew up, to pour a little ice water on my raging ambition to buy everything in site in this warm and friendly land I had fallen in love with. Instead he walked up to me in middle of the onions and looked at me like some crazed pilgrim and raved ” We’ve got to buy this land” and so it was, Cerro Verde Boquete was born.

We had no idea the pitfalls and betrayals that lay ahead, dealing with the lawyers and contractors of Panama but we were determinedly to create a non gated community that we could be proud of and eventually live in.

Today, a short seven or eight years later, we have phase one completed and there are 18 large lots on the paved Mountainside Road with underground power and water. There is one family living there and as of October 2013 a house is about to come out of the ground on lot number 17. Additional plans are being made for the community to grow.

Floor plans and plot plan from the house being build on lot 17 can be download by clicking here.

Are you interested in receiving more information about the Cerro Verde Boquete development, make sure you check out the listing on the website or contact us directly for more information.