Feria de Flores y Cafe and other events in Boquete, Panama

By | January 14, 2014

The beautiful “Feria de Flores y Cafe” is going on in Boquete right now, it is an annual event that showcases the beautiful flora of Boquete, as well as local and international Artisans selling their wares. Foreigners, and Panamanians alike visit Boquete every year to see this gorgeous spectacle, but this is far from being the only draw to our incredible mountain town. the “Fiestas Patrias” or independence days in November attracts Panamanians from every province to the area as well as other holidays.

But these festivals are only one reason to live in this In demand area. For some years now Canadians and people from some of the colder states in the US have chosen Panama as their “snowbird” destination and with a new 4-Lane highway already completed and the david international airport in the works, Boquete just keeps getting better for “Wintering over” or full time living.

Although downtown Boquete is becoming more and more exclusive, there are still deals to be had. Which is why we are telling you about a fixer-upper home in one of the best locations in town, at a price that won’t make you cringe! Easy walking distance from the fair grounds, main street, and all the services one could need, including gyms, banks, grocery stores, bars and bus routes for only 100,000 dollars.